a child….

as one wanders the streets of life we are hit with the fact of how stupendous ( what an incredible word by the way..) it is to have a child…plural form as in my case children//or really the bandits…

“the catcher in the rye” sums-up fears of growing up…. fears that are so true to the fact to which we have no power!! ….

but still many of us are fortunate to see, experience, ponder upon, indulge in world of our children’s fantasies ..from Old French fantasie, from Latinphantasia, from Greek, ‘imagination,appearance,’ later ‘phantom,’from phantazeinmake visible.’ From the 16th to the 19th centuries the Latinized spelling phantasy was also used..

& dreams,  ……which are filled with the naive, strong, wonderment of life!!!…..


tilly’s true…//©anetteskuggedal


angels of flight…//©anetteskuggedal


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