francesca woodman

in the fantasy of photography one is always on a quest in understanding the soul behind the images…. the subject, the photographer, the atmosphere , interpretation, the bullshit, the truth……

..the more one indulges into photographs.. the images…. the more bewildered one becomes in the understanding of the vastness of this form of expression….

……francesca woodman, a photographer of in-depth talent…a young soul, that in her short life was able to leave behind a legacy of great importance within her work of exposure of the mask of selfness…..Lorenzo Fusi wrote in her book: “the mask is, in sense, a veil, an element of separation that sometimes, paradoxically, gets closer to the intimate sphere of those hiding behind it, instead of creating further distance. It exposes more than it covers.”…..

her work, in all its entities, reveal the presences of her constant quest of self… and at the same time uses the viewer illusions upon life to build a bridge.. her self-portraits reveal the invisible through the visible…….

The essay by  Marco Pierini,  has borrowed several excerpts to grasp Woodman’s quest… and self-acknowledgment …these words by Pier Paolo Pasolini do find their way in giving  reflections to the work…… ” the smallest thing is enough to unveil, in a flashing instant, the epiphany of impossible balance, the intuition of something  that is arrested in the continuous flux of the world”…..


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