masao yamamoto

…called the poet of Japan, Yamamoto gives us small, delicate….fringed, worn, tales of wonder. He is able to use graphics in admiration of the subject matter… all the photographs that I have seen from his work have been complete in their frame…..and all tell a story.

Although they are strong in character his form of presentation is unique….at times there are no frames and as he has stated himself, one images starts a story and continues placing images as a collage, where one image holds on to the next and forms a wider and more exquisite poem…

He follows the same path in his books, one page may be embraced by a single artwork barely touching the page…while the next page slightly oversize, place askew… as the opposite image quivers on the page……or three images gently touching each other opposite ….  the belly button, small and poised alone…

there is larger frame that he as a photographer and poet fills…. and continues to fill through his work… if you have a chance to see it, glance at it, grasp it,…. & indulge…..


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