richard avedon

finding ones own “sound” // “style”//”expression”//”form” what ever you want to define it as is one of the most important aspects of becoming a unique & challenging photographer…… walking into an Avedon exhibition one would not need titles or guidance to know that they are the work of one incredible photographer….

….although he is most famous for revolutionizing the whole fashion industry bringing fashion photography into a new expression.. as well as arts of the times through the portraits of the workers of the ” the factory”, warhol’s factory.. are intriguing and expressive…but I find that his “in the American West” to be a the most incredible series….752 people were portrayed through 1979-1984.. miners, farmers, drifter, trucker…..with a  large format camera and a white backdrop…”ordinary people” ( if there is such a thing!)  were portrayed ..showing their strength,  their character, … meeting  them through the large black & white prints……a meeting that personally was breath-taking,  intriguing…at the sametime incredibly intimidation……absolutely delicious………..

…the exhibitions that are made from the series “only” include 125 portraits….. what an incredible legacy for its country & its people….if you have a chance to see it…do…

” In the American West” – at the Amon Carter Museum, Fort Worth Tx.

….the book made in connection with the exhibition was written in part by the Louisanna Museum of Modern Art…revealing notions of understanding the truths of Avedon. The journey in making the exhibition started while he still was alive…. but unfortunately he was not able to see & feel the sense of awe that the exhibition has resulted in… in the readings.. curators and art historian find words and meaning to his work…but in my view  I tend to lean more to Avedon’s own words, few, strong & to the point,  as the truth of his passion, his work…

“..there is no such thing as inaccuracy in photography.  all photographs are accurate. None of them is the truth…”

…richard avedon…..

Avedon at Foam

Richard Avedon


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