… devils of the soul…

“…my photographs don’t go below the surface. They don’t go below anything. They’re readings of the surface. I have great faith in surfaces. A good one is full of clues. But whenever I become absorbed in the beauty of a face, in the excellence of a single feature, I feel I’ve lost what’s really there…been seduced by someone else’s standard of beauty or by the sitter’s own idea of the best in him. That’s not usually the best. So each sitting becomes a contest…..” richard avedon

interesting how we perceive the essence of what we are photographing…. … or really how we tackle the devils that rides us… in one way or another we need the challenge that life gives us.. not only the positive but also the bad, the ugly, the indigestible… and they ride our souls in order for us to be able to see the essence and depth of life…

so many run..some stay…some linger for a while and then run… either way we are faced with these devils… meeting them head-on isn’t always the solution… but challenging the soul to do so is incredibly intriguing and at length so important….[ but then again that could only be just me… ]

…what ever drives our souls to accomplish…to be challenged…to find peace …is in all its diversity so essential to our interpretation of life….. seeing the depth of Francesca Woodman’s work, of self-exploration…or of Avedon’s ability & perception to dig deep in the soul of others…….it is in the end…self- truths as well as the devilish challenges that keep us pondering…..learning…. wondering … seeing… curious…….as long as we live I hope….

serendipity light...//©anetteskuggedal
sweet 16...//©anetteskuggedal

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