…my legacy….

“…in our lives we are subject to the legacy that is handed down from our ancestors…. our parents…grandparents…. the history that lies in them is in one way or another attached to our souls…. nurturing our passions…and our paths… many may feel that this is for the bad…and in our time for loss of a better word.. “luggage” is the appropriate word..

but I hope and believe that the balance of the good versus the bad is alive & kicking…  and that I am able at some point to touch just a small part of that legacy… so that I will be able to give it on to the bandits…..the good with the bad….but true to what one believes in life & passions….. & that it all leads to our serendipitous crossroads……”

legacy |ˈlegəsē|

noun ( pl. -cies)an amount of money or property left to someone in a will.• a thing handed down by a predecessor : the legacy of centuries of neglect.

ORIGIN late Middle English (also denoting the function or office of a deputy, esp. a papal legate): from Old French legacie, from medieval Latin legatia ‘legateship,’ from legatus ‘person delegated’ (seelegate ).

roma stories ....Bestemor & Bestefar//©anetteskuggedal  
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