paris photo 2010

In all its essence 4 days indulging in the world of photography is an incredible privilege to take part in …..

…about 40000 people were able to meet 120 galleries,  exhibitors, book & magazine distributors…..a delicate mix between enticing photography…  photographers…collectors… curiosity… passion ….indulging in the same pool of wonder….

my reflections are merely a small taste of what I experienced during those days…my admiration lies with all those incredible photographers, their work, and their passion and drive in pushing the limits in order to create… and dig even deeper in the soul…

galerie VU'//

…what an incredible journey to come into their stand at Paris Photo. In my view one of the most interesting galleries in Paris….. as well as Europe. They have a long list of intriguing photographers that have distinctive signatures..

such as Anders Petersen…….

together with JH Engström they have published the “Back Home” that won the book of the year award in Arles. …..



©anders pettersen

… another is the work of Jean-Christian Bourcart

from Galerie VU’ s web//…the silhouettes of Stardust. Is this a way of pointing up the impossibility of seeing other people and the world directly, without interference from our projections, beliefs, desires and emotional or cultural filters? A way of making the ontologically illusory quality of our perceptions visible? What links these series is surely my urge to probe the nooks and crannies of the visible world for the covert images, reality equations, anamorphoses and dream matrices that are waiting there to be summoned up.»

the galerie VU'//

They have moved the gallery to a new space, where one is greeted by their courtyard and the warmth of the gallery… the space is split between different levels and at the moment Michael Ackerman’s work is exhibiting the walls.

michael ackerman ... a photographer that captures the soul's 
disequilibrium...making the viewer question his or hers..........
smoke 2000, ©michael ackerman

Michael Ackerman at Gallerie VU’

mathias olmeta//an intriguing soul...

in meeting these portraits I was so surprised, by the honesty of the children.. although I know very little about the photographer,  I have started a curiosity dig to find out more about him and his work….an intriguing and fascinating world…

ken kitano//a shy and humble man who passionately 
continues his project...

…next to Galleri VU’  at Paris Photo is a very interesting Japanese Gallery, MEM. They have contemporary Japanese art. As well as featuring Ken Kitano’s on-going work “Our Faces”, a photographer that I was introduced to last year. An incredible insight in gathering and describing segments in society through layering the portraits where one meets one portrait…..they are both delicate and strong in character.

Ken Kitano’s work

…upon wandering the grounds of Louvre and understanding its vast history.. and how prevalent history and art history is in fine art photography. …and the fact that it is the essence of what we base our references on…… the mere essence of understanding…

desiree dolron//

…an artist that captures the art of  history as well as she places the portraits in a contemporary light… they are solemn and intriguing in their presence.. her work is unique to perfection and delicate in presentation.

©desiree dolron

Desiree Dolron’s work

masao yamamoto//

…i guess if you see photography with a passion there no way that the work of masao yamamoto is unknown to you…. he is seen as the poet of japan.. where his work is looked upon as small pearls derived through his hands, as well as worn og weathered… he believes that the photographs are like small jewels and should be held in the palm of the hand.. but when he presents his work they also tell a different story… the delicate and perfection of a culture dedicated to detail, mixed with the passions of this photographer reveals intricate small stories…… as the collage grows like a tree from one leaf to another..

©masao yamamoto
sally mann//a photographer that dares to go beyond....

….although it goes without saying the work of sally man is in itself intriguing and wonderous……I am still in awe of her past work….as she touches, through her writing and  through her images, the soul of her children ….. shown in “immediate family” as well as ” at Twelve” series… take time to wonder in her world … it has a deeper essence and builds upon many layers..

©sally mann untitled, at twelve series
©sally mann, virginia at 6
camera obscura//an incredible gallery.. who exhibits some of my
personal favorites; sarah moon, masao yamamoto, pentti sammallahti,
paolo roversi & paolo ventura...
a mix of poetry and the sense of everyday life...
©sarah moon
sarah moon//

Her work is wonderful, a style that is her very own and that is as elegant as she… as she draws her own portraits of fashion… they are strong , and truly delicate in nature..There is a oppurtunity to view her work in a major exhibition at Fotografiska, Stockholm, mid winter /spring


luis gonzalez palma//an entising portrayer of life...

A photographer of passion.. a cultural inquisitor, Luis Gonzalez Palma…his body of work is divers and vast,  a Guatemalan born photographer that works with portraying the  contradiction in his culture. His work is intriguing and in that he developes and uses old techniques in which he produces deep sepia toned photographs.. in order to give his subjects more depth….

Elisabeth Culbert writes about him and his work in an essay from 1999:

The Postmodern Romantic

by Elizabeth Culbert

A self-taught photographer from Guatamala, Luis González Palma creates expressive works of art that are often about contradiction. His portraits of Mayan Indians present a tragic vision of life that is full of pain and beauty. Often collaged with images of contemporary symbols, objects, and icons, the pictures act as records of life in a country where violence and mysticism coexist. At the same time, the overwhelming sense of humanity in each picture speaks to the photographer’s ability to transcend cultural boundaries and tap into a pool of shared experience.

One of the most recognizable aspects of González Palma’s photographs is their deep sepia tone. He achieves this by painting a standard black and white print with asphaltum, then further manipulates the image by removing the asphaltum from key areas, returning them to the original white of the photograph. The process turns the pictures into tangible objects with a sense of history, creating a dialogue with the past that works toward a realization of the complex social legacy of Guatemala.

Luis González Palma: Poems of Sorrow will be published this spring by Arena Editions; the book surveys the photographer’s themes and obsessions since he began taking pictures over a decade ago. In his most recent work, González Palma continues to examine the subtleties of the gaze, along with the politics of looking and the complicity involved in the act of pointing the camera.

An Interview with Luis González Palma

still there are always surprises, as this years theme showed an array of photography from central Europe … there was one that caught my eye…

abram Uros//

…fairly established photographer that has interesting and surprising in work, solem…the work also seems to reflect the times…

©abram uros

Abram Uros’s work

in all as I look and see and indulge… I realize that I too tend to portray the world from my standpoint… a majority of the work that I have reflected on here is black & white, fine art, & stories…. stories that are told are of couse through my interpretation of the world that surrounds me…. either way I have to say that I have am privileged to be on a journey on trying to understand … a journey that takes me into worlds and encounters that I would never be without……enjoy….

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