… humility…..

standing among giants...//©anetteskuggedal

…I believe that the essence in life is the fact of humility…. an intuition of awareness of the mere fact that we are a part of an incredible amount of souls… that we evolve through others, and that our lives are innate with each-other… with the wisdom that we learn from each-other…..and through the ability to see and learn from each-other…we stand planted with our feet firmly on the ground…

dreams of the night...//©anetteskuggedal
standing tall.... amongst others.....//©anetteskuggedal

“..It is important to distinguish between genuine humility, which is a type of modesty, and a lack of confidence. They are not the same thing at all, although many confuse them. This may explain, in part, why today humility is often thought of as a weakness, rather than as an indication of inner strength, especially in the context of business and professional life….” ….. dalai lama

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