9/11 //Afghanistan //Egypt //Congo// Japan// Libya….. and so many more…are in need of support…not only financially but also the ability to see the world and the aspects of what it does to our soul…..we change the way we think.. feel.. and understand….

our world is meet with so much turmoil and tragedies…..that it at times feels so unreal….we listen to the news… we scan the images ……before we turn to our double decaf, soya skimmed coffees……

are we in a time of too much information and too much imagery… are we able to absorb the stories…..are we able to humbly realize the necessity of  our awareness and our ability to make a difference….

the need to “see” the everyday heroes grows… a friend once told me that the intent of his work was not to change the world but for us to be more aware of our actions, og our everyday life..so that we make decision based on the knowledge and understanding of what makes-up our life..

Heroes of our times are many…..

Ai Weiwei// a chinese artist who through the arts reveals the unknown stories & his fight to be heard …. Who is afraid of Ai Weiwei

Marcus Bleasdale is an award-winning photographer revealing the ongoing horrors of Congo. In the field and in the everyday work of telling the stories  many are involved…as the fight for  Marrion P’Udongo// a fixer in Congo //“A fixer in need”

The deaths of two Photojournalists that in constant danger challenged fate to be able to relay the unknown stories… // “Restrepo’ Director and a Photographer Are Killed in Libya”
there are many more….. we need them…… we need to learn and be conscientiously aware of what we can do….and be conscientiously aware of what is really going on in our world…using the arts to convey impressions, expressions, meanings & understanding is a grow need and show the necessity of our to be able to convey and communicate with a purpose…

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